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Our tiny house wood stove will come soon!

I'm about to share with you, that from some time we're working on our project for wood stove to use in tiny houses and small rooms. Long time ago I and this idea and now it is about to come reality. Ecobox "David" woodstove is developed especially for eco-friendly heating with hard wood and wood briquettes. It's equipped with double combustion chamber and has very high efficiency and minimal emissions. This chamber allows the burning to be slow and long lasting, so you can enjoy the heat during the cold winter nights and save from fuel costs. The size of the stove will be small, but it'll have power output to 5kW - enough for heating of rooms to 25sqm.

3D visualization of our double combustion chamber

I believe, in these times of rapidly rising prices it will bring another option for eco-friendly cheap heating to our community and our clients.

Soon it will be available for purchase.

So, stay in touch for another useful info and don't forget to SUBSCRIBE!

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