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Welcome to our "tiny blog"!

Here we will share with you interesting and useful information about design and production of our eco-friendly tiny houses, glamping pods, office pods and all our custom projects.

As many of you know, we're small building company, established 2012 in Sofia, Bulgaria. Sharing the passion for one natural life, environmentally friendly, close to nature and in harmony with it, we developed years ago our first model "Ecobox escapehouse 659". This mobile house implements our "Multifunctional space system" for maximum of use of the space inside this tiny home. In communication with our community we developed our innovative "Smart module system" with our modular glamping pods. During the pandemic situation we developed also office pods for those, who needed some eco-friendly space to work in it. During all this time we were in close connection with our community, our partners and subscribers and will be in the future!

Remember "Less is more"


If you share our ideas and like to be a part of our community, please Subscribe!

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