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Simplicity, minimalism and freedom.

Who does not want that?

More and more people all over the world are aiming for a sustainable lifestyle - close to nature, and independent. Do you like to escape from the gray crowds of the city, or you like to watch the beautiful blue of the see from your working desk - we have a solution for you!

​Our team, our partners and followers, we share the same ideas and strive for a natural life, environmentally friendly, close to nature and in harmony with it. For us, the maxim "less is more" is not only an expression, but also a way of life. We as developers and you as friends and partners understand the importance of preserving the planet's ecosystem and feel a part of it. That's why we listen to your advices and strive to be of service to each and every one of you.

If you also share these ideas, come and become part of the Ecobox community!

Our partners

Belgium :

NS20 bv, 8200 Brugge, Pierre Debbautstraat 6

Nico Joos, +32 473 447030,

Croatia :

DENUNCIO d.o.o., 10 000 Zagreb, Samoborska cesta 6

Željko Gobac, +385 917867982, 

Czech Republic :

Vladimír Georgiev, ul.Čimicka 767/92, 181 00 Praha 8.

+420 774 445 446,

Denmark :

MIkro Hus ApS, Slamatvej 4B, 3100 Hornbaek,

+45 93102043,

Germany :

Arzumanidis Immobilien & Hausbau GmbH, Kronenstr. 2,

D-53840 Troisdorf, Konstantin Arzumanidis, +49 2241 881990

Mobile +49 177 5255715,,

AD Caravaning GmbH, Alte Roemerstr. 2, Neu-Ulm 89231


Netherland :

Summit rentals BV. Uddelerweg 40A, 8075 CJ Elspeet

Peter de Ruiter, +31 641 152863, 

Annemarie de Ruiter, +31 621 333316, 

South Korea :

YMK Group Ltd., 5F, 643-3 Yeoksam Dong, Gangnam-Gu, Seoul,

Jonathan Kwon - CEO, ++ 82 10 8689 7992, 

United Kingdom :

Kameliya Anastasova, W6 9EZ, Hammersmith, London

+447 932 797 017,

Our B2B partners

Our followers and subscribers

More than 1200 subscribers to our web page

More than 13000 Ecobox tiny houses social media followers

And growing...

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