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Ecobox Budget tiny home

Movable tiny house with 14m2 living area. Up to four residents.
*Starting from

Metal-frame construction, walls from al-polyurethane panels, total wall thickness 100mm. Outside measures - (L, W, H) 6.0x2.4x2.5m., total weight 2.8t. maximum equipped. External wooden claddings, internal plywood claddings, double glazed door and windows. Flooring - laminate in the living room and tiles in the bathroom. Ecobox Budget tiny house is offered in two price levels, according the equipment. Our "turn-key" level includes all the furniture from our "Multifunctional space system".


Because of his low cost and quick delivery terms, this tiny home is suitable for investors in glamping, for those who have lost their homes due to natural disasters, for various humanitarian and military missions, оr simply for those who can't wait to start their journey back to nature.​​


Ecobox Budget - 1st Level

This level is offered without our "Multifunctional space system"
New price 23990EUR (Old price 27240EUR) 

Construction, internal and external claddings, double glazed doors and windows, kitchen with sink, fully equipped bathroom, internal sliding door between living room and bathroom, electrical system, lights, one heating converter 1000W.

This option allows the house to be finished and delivered in very short time. 

Ecobox Budget - 2nd Level

This level is offered with our "Multifunctional space system" included
New price 26490EUR (Old price 29880EUR) 

1st Level PLUS: Bedroom room construction 224x147x60cm, incl. mattress 190x145cm, two movable sofa/beds 200x75x33.5cm including two upholstered mattresses 197x71cm, three upholstered pillows 50x60cm, two foldable chairs, 61x54x98 (in opened position), stored in the folded position under the sofa/beds, one folding table 140x70x74cm. (in opened position),

This option is with all furniture included and is ready to use, produced in very short time.

Ecobox Budget - Custom

We can design and produce for you wide range of houses, according your needs.

Our experienced team is any time at your service. Just contact us.

*All prices are offered in Euro (EUR), excluding VAT and additional local taxes, EXW Sofia, Bulgaria under Incoterms 2020. All our products can be delivered WORLDWIDE to a destination of your choice for an additional fee. For more details, please read our general terms and conditions, or contact us. Ecobox Ltd. reserves the right to change prices and conditions without prior notice!

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