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Working Together


We can do it!

We are small company with an experienced team. Our background knowledge, experience  and skills cover areas such as carpentry and craftsmanship, landscape architecture and design, indoor acoustics, ecology and eco-friendly sustainable living, property management, and more.

We will work closely to you through the whole process, from our first meeting to the shipping of your house, or office. We will keep you up to date every week during this process and we will  fulfill the whole range of your needs, building your dream home, or office.

Not some poor quality, bad looking van, but beautiful, well-designed, ecologically-minded building, which you can easily call "my place"! ​

IMG20220709194434 (1)
IMG20220709194835 (1)

What we can do for you

- Design and production of any type of mobile, or prefabricated houses

- Design and production of any type wooden or metal constructions
- Repair of campers, caravans, yachts and tiny houses
- Conversion of buses, coaches and vans into campers and caravans
- Design and manufacture of furniture for campers, caravans, mobile homes and yachts

- Design and manufacture of smart furniture for optimal use of space

- Design and production of any types off-grid installations

- Acoustical treatment of houses, campers, boats and rooms

- Landscape architecture projects and landscape management

- Design and installation of audio systems in homes and vehicles

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