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Ecobox "Smart module system"

Combine different pods and make your house

This module system is developed in association with members of our community and it is an example of what people can achieve, when they look in the same direction. Main part of this system is our Glamping Pod "385". The main feature, is that you can connect sideways two, or more Pods, to the left, or to the right side. Thus, two similar window openings in the back become a door between them. The modules can be connected not only in space, but in time. If your family grows, you can buy additional module and put it to those, you have. So, using our "Smart module system" your house can grow with your needs without investing money up front. This system is also applicable to companies that intend to invest in the glamping business, campsite owners and tiny house communities. To make this system completely complete, we have developed several basic modules, with the help of which everyone can assemble the house they want and have all the necessary amenities available.

Base 1.jpg
Base 2.jpg
Base 3.jpg
Base mod 3
BathroomKitchen 3
ChildBathroom 3
Base 4
Base 3

The pods are designed also for optimization of transport expenses. Three modules can be loaded to one standard 13.6m trailer.

 If you have some questions, or you need more details about the functionality, the design and the features of our "Multifunctional space system", please, contact us and we will get back to you ASAP. 

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