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Ecobox "Multifunctional space system"

Designed for optimal use of space in our tiny homes

Designing our tiny homes, we put great attention to every detail, including the maximum use of the space available. So, we have developed and implemented to our houses our "Multifunctional space system". It is a system of special custom furniture, which makes possible the use the main room for several purposes, namely: Living room, Dining room or Second bedroom.

This is achieved through several elements, namely:
The lift up bedroom construction, the movable beds, which can also be used as a sofa, the table that folds like a painting on the wall and the two foldable chairs that are stored folded under the two movable beds.
So with just a few movements you get the space you need!

Living room 1.jpg
Living room 2.jpg
Living room 3.jpg
Living room 2
Living room 3
Living room 1
Folding chair 1
Folding chair 2
Folding table 1
Folding table 2

If you have some questions, or you need more details about the functionality, the design and the features of our "Multifunctional space system", please, contact us and we will get back to you ASAP. 

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