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Interesting details about our "Smart module system"

We've developed this system in cooperation with our community. It is an example how things work, when different people look in the same direction.

Main part of this system is our Glamping Pod 385.

Two windows at the back sides of the module make it possible to connect two or more of them and extend the living area at your wish.

This can be made not only in space, but in time, following one simple DIY procedure, without need of professional tools or equipment. I'm sure, all needed equipment you have in your garage :-)

As an example - You have one Pod installed, but a new baby is born and your family needs more space, so you buy one more module and attach it to the existing one. Now you have the needed space!

That way you don't need to invest huge sum at once, but the house can grow with your family!

We have in offer different modules, incl. kitchen/bath module, children's room/bath module, empty module etc.

We also can produce custom one - fully satisfying's your own needs!

So, stay in contact with us and SUBSCRIBE for more interesting stuff.

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