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Ecobox Ttiny House 659

E C O B O X  tiny houses

Tiny house 659
Escapehouse "659"

Our leading model. The shortest way to one sustainable living close to nature. Living area 16.5m2, up to 4 residents.

Ecobox Glamping pod 385
Glamping Pod "385"

You like to invest in glamping business, or you need one tiny house under your own needs. Here is our Glamping Pod "385". Living area 9.5m2. Main part of our "Smart module system". 

New LOWERED Prices!!!

Ecobox Office Pod

You like to work on the beach, near the waves, you like to see some beautiful mountain view, or you need to have some working space in your yard - we have the solution. Ecobox Office Pod.

Ecobox budget tiny house
Ecobox Budget

Budget and quick-to-build houses that can be easily transported and have the lowest possible cost. These houses are suitable for those in need of temporary accommodation, who have lost their homes due to natural disasters, for various humanitarian and military missions, etc.


As experienced building company, we offer a huge range of services, connected with the sustainable tiny living.


Together with our clients, our partners and our subscribers, we are aiming to one sustainable living, close to nature, away from the gray crowds of the city.

Join us!

Tiny house 659 drawing

Any custom changes to our models are possible, according your wish. 

We can design and build your dream tiny home. Exactly as you need it.

Just contact us!

Ecobox Ltd. - tiny houses producer


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Ecobox Ltd.

3 Prof. Ivan Georgov str,

1222 Sofia, Bulgaria


Tel: +359888819307

Main conditions

All prices are offered in Euro (EUR), excluding VAT and local taxes.

All prices are offered EXW Sofia, Bulgaria, under Incoterms 2020.

All our products can be delivered WORLDWIDE for an additional fee.

For more details, please read our general terms and conditions, or contact us.

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