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Simplicity, minimalism and freedom.

Who does not want that?

More and more people all over the world are aiming for a sustainable lifestyle- close to nature, and independent.

Do you like to escape from the gray crowds of the city, or you like to watch the beautiful blue of the see from your working desk - we have a decision for you!

We are a young company with an experienced team. Our background knowledge and skills cover areas such as landscape architecture and design, carpentry and craftsmanship, indoor acoustics, ecology and eco-friendly sustainable living, property management, and more.

We will work closely to you through the whole process, from our first meeting to the shipping of your house, or office. We will keep you up to date every week during this process and we will

fulfill the whole range of your needs, building your dream home, or office.

Not some poor quality, bad looking van, but beautiful, well-designed, ecologically-minded building, which you can easily call "my place"! 

Ordering some of our models, you get one high-quality product, designed and build to last. In this process we are looking strictly after the environment, following the highest building standards for structure and insulation, so you'll never feel cold or hot inside.  


The outcome of our recent passion and inspiration for a minimalism and eco-friendly lifestyle is our models - "Ecobox Escape House 659", "Ecobox Glamping Pod 385"

and "Ecobox Office Pod 385"




We can bring to life your vision of how your tiny house should look like or realize the build, according to a plan and design you already have. On wheels or not, both are fine.

We can offer a series production for hotels and camps.

This movable ready-to-live-in home is the basis, which our team decided to further develop as a completely customizable design. It is the

Ecobox Escapehouse 659 

You like to invest in glamping business, or you need one tiny house under your own needs to fit fully to your living style, not only now, but also in the future. We have the decision - it is our

Ecobox Glamping Pod 385

This pod can be whatever you need, using our

"Smart module system"

The choice is yours!


















You like to work on the beach, near the waves, you like to see some beautiful mountain view

from your working desk, or you need to have some working space in your yard, near your home

and family - we have a decision for you:

Ecobox Office Pod 385

This pod can be whatever you need, using our

"Smart module system"

The choice is yours!


Ecobox Smart module system

Our smart module system is based on our new model


Ecobox Glamping/Office Pod 385

Smart module system

Both types - Glamping and Office pods can be connected to each other - left to right side,

or right to left side. Thus, two similar window openings in the back become a door between two modules. This allows many modules to be connected to each other and increases the possibilities for combinations depending on your own needs. You have the possibility also to

buy one module now and in the future to extend your area with adding to the left, or to

the right additional modules by your choice, following simple DIY procedure with no need

of special skills, nor special tools or equipment. 

So you have the opportunity to grow your home or your office with your family, or business, without huge mortgages, without stress and anxiety about the unknown future.

You got your home and office fit fast, for the price of a small family car.

Just contact us!

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Base mod 3.jpg
Base mod 2.jpg

Ecobox Multifunctional space system

Our multifunctional space system is build into our Tiny house "659"


Multifunctional space system

makes it possible to use the same space for several purposes, namely:
Living room, dining room or second bedroom.

This is achieved through several elements, namely:
The movable beds, which can also be used as a sofa, the table that folds like a painting

on the wall and the two folding chairs that are stored folded under the two movable beds.
So with just a few movements you get the space you want!

Living room 1.jpg
Living room 2.jpg
Living room 3.jpg
Living room 4.jpg
Folding table 2.jpg
Folding table 1.jpg
Folding chair 2.jpg
Folding chair 1.jpg
Living room 2.jpg


Many times the hassle around a conventional new-build is an issue or there are land regulations preventing people from building conventional.

Being able to skip or ignore as much of that as possible is great.


Our clients are looking for minimalism and an independent way of life. They escape from their busy concrete environment. 

And they do it with a style.




Belgium :

NS20 bv, 8200 Brugge, Pierre Debbautstraat 6

Nico Joos, +32 473 447030,

Croatia :

DENUNCIO d.o.o., 10 000 Zagreb, Samoborska cesta 6

Željko Gobac, +385 917867982, 

Czech Republic :

Vladimír Georgiev, ul.Čimicka 767/92, 181 00 Praha 8.

+420 774 445 446,

Denmark :

MIkro Hus ApS, Slamatvej 4B, 3100 Hornbaek,

+45 93102043,

Germany :

Arzumanidis Immobilien & Hausbau GmbH, Kronenstr. 2,

D-53840 Troisdorf, Konstantin Arzumanidis, +49 2241 881990

Mobile +49 177 5255715,,

AD Caravaning GmbH, Alte Roemerstr. 2, Neu-Ulm 89231


Netherland :

Summit rentals BV. Uddelerweg 40A, 8075 CJ Elspeet

Peter de Ruiter, +31 641 152863, 

Annemarie de Ruiter, +31 621 333316, 

South Korea :

YMK Group Ltd., 5F, 643-3 Yeoksam Dong, Gangnam-Gu, Seoul, Jonathan Kwon - CEO, ++ 82 10 8689 7992, 

United Kingdom :

Kameliya Anastasova, W6 9EZ, Hammersmith, London

+447 932 797 017,


We are currently looking for partners to represent us in Europe, America and Asia. So, if you are interested in becoming part of the global tiny house community, please contact us.


P R I C E S 

Ecobox Escape House 659 - 1st LEVEL 

Price:   34320EUR

incl. trailer, house construction, interior and exterior cladding,

plumbing, electrical installation, doors, windows,

Bedroom construction


Ecobox Escape House 659 - 2nd Level

Price:   43420EUR

incl. 1st level plus:

kitchen furniture, two folding sofa/beds, folding table, shower cabin

Ecobox Escape House 659 - 3rd LEVEL 

Price:   56900EUR

incl. 1st and 2nd levels plus:

air conditioning unit 9Btu, double electric cooktop, kitchen hood,

refrigerator,  electric water heater, 32" TV, built-in audio system with active sub woofer, bathroom locker with mirror, bathroom fan,

bathroom and kitchen faucets, bathroom and kitchen sinks, electric inlets, four lighting fixtures, ambient LED lighting with color change,

two folding chairs, three pillows 60x75cm, two mattresses

75х190cm, one mattress 145x190cm, curtains/blinds, 

оutside electric inlet and lighting.

Ecobox Glamping Pod 385 - Empty module

Price:   17880EUR

incl. metal frame, house construction, interior and exterior cladding,

electrical installation, door, windows. No furniture included.

Ecobox Glamping Pod 385 - Base module

Price:   21480EUR

incl. metal frame, house construction, interior and exterior cladding,

electrical installation, door, windows. One folding sofa/bed 190x165cm, One folding table 70x125cm, Two folding chairs, One wardrobe 80x30x220cm, Wall console shelf 218x28x40cm, Two smart power inlets 15A, Smart ambient RGB LED lighting system, 

WiFi ready,  

Ecobox Glamping Pod 385 - Living room module

Price:   20280EUR

incl. metal frame, house construction, interior and exterior cladding,

electrical installation, door, One sofa 165x70x90cm, One folding table 70x125cm, Two folding chairs, Wall console shelf 218x28x40cm, 

Two smart power inlets 15A, Smart ambient RGB LED lighting system, 

Ecobox Glamping Pod 385 - Kitchen/Bath module

Price:    23880EUR

incl. metal frame, house construction, interior and exterior cladding,

electrical installation, door, windows, internal sliding door, Shower cabin 90x90cm, Standard toilet seat, bathroom faucets, Bathroom fan, Bath locker with sink 50x40x90cm, Upper locker with mirror 125x15x78cm,  Electric water heater 60l, Kitchen cabinets - bottom row 169x60x90 cm, Kitchen cabinets - upper row 100x30x75cm, Double induction hob, Kitchen sink, Faucet, 

LED lighting system

Ecobox Glamping Pod 385 - Children's room/Bath module

Price:    22680EUR

incl. metal frame, house construction, interior and exterior cladding,

electrical installation, door, windows, Internal sliding door, Shower cabin 90x90cm, Combined module Sink/toilet, Bathroom faucets, Bathroom fan, Bath mirror 50x78cm,  Towel hanger, Electric water heater 60l, One bed 180x80cm, Console nightstand 40x30cm, Two smart power inlets 15A, LED lighting system

Ecobox Office pod - Empty module

Price:    17880EUR

incl. metal frame, house construction, interior and exterior cladding,

electrical installation, door, windows,

One console document shelf 218x28x40cm, Two smart power inlets

15A, Smart, Ambient RGB LED lighting system, Off-grid ready

Ecobox Office pod - 385-1 and 385-2

Price:    20280EUR

incl. metal frame, house construction, interior and exterior cladding,

electrical installation, door, windows,

One console work desk 180x60cm, One console help desk 158x28cm, One console document shelf 158x28x40cm, One folding chair, Two smart power inlets 15A, Smart ambient RGB LED lighting system, 

WiFi ready, Off-grid ready

Ecobox Budget-1

Price:    27240EUR

incl. construction, doors and windows 

Fully equipped kitchen

Fully equipped bathroom 3.4sqm.

Sliding door between living room and bath room

Electrical sockets - 5 pcs


One heating converter 1000W

Ecobox Budget-2

Price:    29880EUR

Ecobox Budget-1 plus:

Bedroom construction 224x147x60cm, incl. mattress 190x145cm

(In the right part of the construction is a 340l storage space, which can be used as a wardrobe)

One step, 30x30x60cm

Two movable sofa/beds 200x75x33.5cm including two upholstered mattresses 197x71cm

Three upholstered pillows 50x60cm

Two foldable chairs, 61x54x98 (in opened position), stored in the folded position under the sofa/beds

One folding table 140x70x74cm. (in opened position),


Our tiny homes and pods are prepared for any off-grid option, you wish.

Additional you can order a huge count of options to make your

tiny home independent and free.

Please, contact us with your exact needs and we will

get back to you with detailed offer.


Based on our standard models, you can remove or add options according your needs. Anyone of our models can be ordered without wheels, if you don't need to move your home.

Huge choice of different additional equipment can be added to any of our tiny homes. We also can design and manufacture any structure of your choice, including movable and non-movable structures for various purposes, specifically offered according to the customer's desired degree of completion, dimensions and other specifications

Just contact us.


From 6 to 16 weeks after advance payment for our standard models

For custom models - delivery time is offered additional

Main conditions

All prices are offered in Euro (EUR), excluding VAT and taxes.

All prices are offered EXW Sofia, Bulgaria, under Incoterms 2020.

All our products can be delivered WORLDWIDE to a destination of your choice for an additional fee.

For more details, please read our general terms and conditions

below, or contact us.


- Design of mobile and prefabricated houses
- Repair of campers, caravans and prefabricated houses
- Conversion of buses, coaches and vans into campers and caravans
- Design and manufacture of furniture for campers, caravans and

mobile homes
- Design and manufacture of smart furniture for optimal use of space
For more information please contact us



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We have founded Ecobox Ltd. For production of tiny houses and another wooden constructions with one goal in mind: giving our customers a fair, natural, low cost, rewarding and enjoyable living style. Close to the nature and away from the city crowds. We conduct our business according to the same values, knowing that better service equals loyal customers. Our store policies are detailed below, please have a look and contact us if you want to learn more! All goods, listed on the page are new. All special prices and other marketing actions are valid only for limited stock availability and are valid until it is exhausted.

Ecobox Ltd. reserves the right to change these terms at any time without prior notice.

Delivery terms and conditions
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The prices listed on the page are in EURO (EUR), EXCLUDING VAT and TRANSPORT costs.

If the client is a company, registered in a state, member of the European Union or a private person,

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are also not included in the price announced on the page.

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All goods can be delivered to the destination of your choice for additional fee, which has to be negotiated in advance between the two parties and depends on the region and the country of the buyer and the type of ordered goods. We can ship WORLDWIDE.


Payments can be made via bank transfer (SWIFT), PayPal, in cash, or in


All other forms of payment are accepted only if agreed in advance. The goods are shipped only after 100% advanced, cleared payment. In the case of an order for the manufacture of goods that are not in stock, 50% advance payment is required, unless otherwise agreed between the two parties. The products remain property of the seller until the full price is paid. For more details - please, contact us.


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