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-12pcs. solar panels 410W, Half cut technology, Excellent PID resistance, Heat spot avoiding design, 12 year guarantee, 25 year Linear power output guarantee.

-One mono phase hybrid solar Inverter with rated output Power 5kW, Rated output Current 22.7A, Rated voltage 230V, Rated frequency range 50/60Hz, Automatic switch time <20ms

-One 5kWh Lithium (LiFePO4) battery Pack, Voltage 51.2V, Storage capacity 5120Wh, Standard capacity 100Ah, Depth of discharge >90%, Cycle life >5000 cycles.

This solar kit is sold without cables, connectors, fasteners and construction elements. It includes above mentioned parts only.

Solar set "Sol 5"- 5kW

SKU: S0016
€6 537,90Price
VAT Included
  • This solar kit is designed to provide the full electricity needs of a small family around the clock. The used battery stores energy, provided from the solar panels, during the light part of the day and releases it during the dark part.

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