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Suitable for our tiny houses "Escapehouse 659", "Glamping Pod 385"


- 6pcs. Flexible solar panels 100W, standard working voltage 17.1V,  Standard working current 4A, with total power of 600W.

- One solar Inverter with rated output Power 600W, Nominal Voltage 230V, Rated output current 2.6A, Nominal frequency range 50/60Hz,

- Cables, connectors, fasteners


Solar off-grid set "Off 06"- 0.6kW

SKU: S0015
VAT Included
  • This solar kit is designed to cover the daily basic electricity needs of every household during the daylight hours. It can be installed both on your small house, on your balcony canopy and on the roof of your caravan. Flexible and lightweight panels make it easy and convenient to install and use.

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