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Suitable for our tiny house "Escapehouse 659"


- 5pcs. Solar panels 665W with total power of 3.325kW, Half cut technology, excellent PID resistance, heat spot avoiding design, 12 year warranty

- One hybrid solar Inverter 3.6kW, Max. output Current 17.2A, Nominal Voltage 230V, Nominal frequency range 50/60Hz, 5+5 year warranty

- One 5kWh Lithium (LiFePO4) Battery, Voltage 51.2V, Storage capacity 5120Wh, Standard capacity 100Ah, 5 year warranty

- Cables, connectors, fasteners


Solar off-grid set "Off 3.6"- 3.6kW

SKU: S0002
€6 149,90Price
VAT Included
  • This solar kit is designed to provide the full electricity needs of the tiny house around the clock. The used battery stores energy, provided from the solar panels, during the light part of the day and releases it during the dark part. In this way, it allows the use of the tiny house absolutely independent of the power grid 24 hours a day. The powerful 5 pcs. solar panels allow the assembly of the kit on the roof of small houses, and its light weight makes it ideal for mobile homes and caravans.

    This solar kit is sold separately from our tiny houses. By order of a tiny house including this kit, a installation fee of 950EUR must be charged.

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