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Suitable for our tiny houses "Escapehouse 659", "Glamping Pod 385"

The set includes:

- 1 mobile solar station 1000W, Battery LiFePO4 1050Wh, Solar charging DC10V-60V Max. 400W, AC output: 230V pure sine 1200W, peak 1800W, DC output: 12V-8A

- One folding solar panel 160W, Standard working power 160W, Standard working voltage 17.6V, Standard working current 9.08A, Output constant voltage 21.2VOC

Solar off-grid set "Off 10"- 1kW

SKU: S0046
€1 479,90Price
VAT Included
  • This solar kit is designed to provide the electricity needs of camping and outdoor enthusiasts. Light and easy to carry, it will be everywhere with you.

    Additional solar panels can be added to the kit for faster charging.

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