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Single phase solar inverter 3000W

- Dimensions: 360*462*150mm, Weight 18kg. Anodized aluminum body in natural color

- Input data (DC): Recommended input Power 3.6kW, Max. input DC Voltage 600V, Start voltage 120V, Minimum operating voltage 100V, Max Current per MPPT 15A

- Output data (AC): Rated output Power 3kW, Max. output Current 14A, Nominal Voltage 230V, Nominal frequency range 50/60Hz

- Operating temperatures -25~+60°C, Noise <30dB, Environmental rating IP67, 5 year warranty (extendable to 10 years), TÜV, CE, EMC, ROHS Certified.

Solar inverter 3kW

SKU: S0025
VAT Included
  • Features: LCD display, System languages - English / Chinese / German / Dutch, Built in RS 485 communication module (optional: WiFi / GPRS / Ethernet) Low price.

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