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LiFePO4 Battery Pack "Smart HESS" 10.24kWh

- Dimensions: 660*855*360mm, Weight 89.9kg. Wall mounting metal body in black/gray color.

- Voltage 51.2V, Standard capacity 200Ah,Continuous input current  100A,

- Continuous output current 120A, Operating voltage 57.6-60V, Depth of discharge >80%, -  - Operating temperatures -20~+70°C, Cycle life >5000 cycles, TÜV, CE, RoHS Certified,  5 year warranty.

Lithium battery 10.24kWh

SKU: S0037
€3 429,90Price
VAT Included
  • Features: Advanced LiFePO4 technology, LCD display, Lightweight, Compact, Long life >5000 cycles, Deep discharge >80%, Compatible with all V-Tac hybride inverters, Low price.


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