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Dimensions: 366*235*266mm, Weight 14kg. Body in green/black color with ergonomic handle.

Charging input voltage and current: AC100/240V (Solar energy DC20V/3A)

Battery CapacityLiFePO4 1050Wh

AC Charge Adaptor : 220V/1000W max Charger

Solar Charge, DC10V-60V Max 400W

Car charger: 12V 8.3A (max 100W)

USB-A5V 2.4A

USB-A : QC3.0 5V/3.6A, 12V/1.5A(18W)

USB C : 5V/9V/12V/15V/20V PD65W

AC Output 230V Pure Sine Wave 1200W, Peak 1800W

DC Output : 12V-8A

Wireless charger: 15W 5V 3A

Cycle Life: > 2000 cycles


Wireless phone charger, Car charger input, Compact design, Advance PMS system, multi charging support, LED display, multiple AC and DC outputs, build in LED flash light with three functions, Over power, over current and over voltage protections, Overcharge and short-circuit protection, CE / RoHS certified

Charging station "PS 1001" - 1000W

SKU: S0007
VAT Included
  • An indispensable assistant for your outdoor activities. Camping, fishing or in your tiny house, this station is with you everywhere. Light, with an ergonomic handle and a wide range of functions, at affordable price.

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