Ecobox Glamping Pod 385

Ecobox Glamping pod 385  construction

Metal-frame base without wheels

Wooden-frame wall and ceiling construction

Rockwool Insulation in walls 10cm, roof & floor - 12cm

Inside vapor barrier membrane

Interior plywood sheeting

Outside breathable construction wrap

Façade tongues & groove timber cladding / metal sheeting

Ventilated metal roof sheeting

Double glazed windows and door

Front window 100x200cm, Door 80x205cm, Two side windows 70x200cm

( Side window/windows are used as a door openings between the modules, when

connecting two or more of them )


Pod size

9 sqm living area, Outside measures (L, W, H): 3.85, 2.45, 2.70 m

Total Weight

 1100 kg maximum equipped


WiFi ready

Off-grid ready

Ecobox Pod 385 can be used alone, or combined with another modules in our

"Ecobox Smart Module system"

Standard modules in offer

Base module


Pod construction, One foldable sofa/bed 190x160cm, One foldable table 70x125cm, Two foldable chairs, One wardrobe 80x30x220cm, Wall console shelf 218x28x40cm, Two smart

power inlets 15A, Smart ambient RGB LED lighting system, WiFi ready,  Off-grid ready

Kitchen&Bath  module


Pod construction, Sliding door, Shower cabin 80x80cm, Standard toilet seat, bathroom faucets, 

Bathroom fan, Bath locker with sink 50x40x90cm, Upper locker with mirror 125x15x78cm,  

Electric water heater 50l, Kitchen cabinets - bottom row 169x60x90 cm, 

Double induction hob, Kitchen sink, faucet.

LED lighting system, Off-grid ready. Bathroom 2.57sqm, Кitchen 6.43sqm,

Children's room&Bath module


Pod construction, Sliding door, Shower cabin 90x90cm, Combined module Sink/toilet, bathroom faucets, Bathroom fan, Bath mirror 50x78cm,  Towel hanger, Electric water heater 60l, 

One bed 180x80cm, Console nightstand 40x30cm, Two smart power inlets 15A, LED lighting system, Off-grid ready, Bathroom 3.7sqm, Children's room 5.3sqm,

Living room module


Pod construction, One sofa 165x70x90cm, One folding table 70x125cm, Two folding chairs, 

Wall console shelf 218x28x40cm, Two smart power inlets 15A, Smart ambient RGB LED lighting system, Off-grid ready

"Empty" module

Pod construction, The module is offered without any furniture

Two smart power inlets 15A, Smart ambient RGB LED lighting system

Off-grid ready

The pods are offered as five standard types.

Please refer to our "Prices" from the main menu.

Custom equipment

All above shown modules are ready to use.

To these modules, for additional prices can be ordered different equipment:

Door (including frame) for connection between two modules 70x200cm

9000Btu Air conditioning system "Mitsubishi" invertor,

capable of cooling/heating to three connected modules

 1KW off-grid solar system with smart invertor and batteries 400Ah

Ventilation system 180m3/h

Electrical heating convertor unit 1000W

Wall mounted 29" smart LCD TV

Smart locking system for the door

Kitchen adsorption unit

Electric refrigerator with fridge 180x65x60cm

Additional power inlet/inlets

Additional light/lights

Door and window blinds

Custom modules

We can design and produce different module combinations under your

needs and expectations.

Smart module system

Using our smart module system, you can connect two, or more office pods to each other,

to the left, or to the right side, using the window openings in the back side as a

connection between them.

This option increases the possibilities for combinations depending on your family needs.

You have the possibility also to buy one module now and in the future to extend your living area, following simple DIY procedure with no need of special skills,

nor special tools or equipment. 

So you have the opportunity to grow your house with your family without stress and anxiety

about the unknown future. You got your house fit fast, for the price of a small family car.

Just contact us!

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livingroom 002.jpg
Bathroom and kitchen 001 - 3x4.jpg
Bathroom and kitchen 002 - 3x4.jpg
BathroomKitchen 3.jpg
ChildBathroom 1.jpg
ChildBathroom 2.jpg
ChildBathroom 3.jpg
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